Feb 13, 2018

Street , Sun and Palm Trees

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This past day the weather been wild, winter in Paris and summer vibes in the south of France, since I'm chillin in south of France, I took this opportunities to make some shots out in the sun.

  I had so many new pieces to shoot, I took this chance to have such a blessed weather, for wearing one of my favorite bomber jacket and my Blue Tint Yeezy witch I love, but do to the light color they get dirty really easy but who cares they looks so dope.

  While I'm starting another week of chillaxing here in the south and probably another shoot session coming ... You can follow me daily on my #SocialMedia "byasco" if you like watching some palm trees and some beard and some palm trees and maybe some beard again you can always give me a like or a follow, that's the best way to stay in touch with me .

Hat: "Adidas"
Sunglasses: "Balmain"
Bomber: "Asos"
T-Shirt: "Asos"
Sweat Pant: "Forever21"
Shoes: "Adidas Yeezy Boost350"



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